Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about renting  e-cycle and e-scooter  with kinisi.

Can anyone rent from KINISI?

Everyone staying at a registered Auroville guesthouse is welcome to rent from us

How much does it cost?

Our rates are detailed here

Do you accept International credit and debit cards?

Yes, we accept international credit and debit cards.

What kind of electric vehicles do you offer?

- electric bicycles (Sporty and Step-Through)

- electric tricycles

- electric scooters

- electric 3-wheel scooters

What is included in the e-cycle rental?

- Battery charger with key

- Bicycle lock with key or number combination

- Headlight.

Other accessories such as helmet, baby seat, rain poncho, saddlebag, or front basket may be added for a small fee.

What happens in case of puncture?

Please call us at +91 8300 460 679 at any time and we will arrange for puncture repair either on-site or at our workshop. We are here to help you.

What does KINISI mean?

Our name comes from the Greek word κίνηση, pronounced KINISI and meaning motion, movement, locomotion.

Where is KINISI?

We are in India, state of Tamil Nadu, Auroville Township.

Do you deliver and/or pick up the rentals?

We prefer that you come to the KINISI office for pick-up so that we can adjust the e-cycles to your convenience and give you vital information on safety and maintenance.

Nevertheless, we can deliver or pick up the rentals to and from guesthouses located inside Auroville, for a small additional fee. You will have to send us a picture of the printed and signed contract beforehand if you need to have the vehicle delivered to your guesthouse on the day of your arrival. 

What happens in case of theft or accident?

You are responsible, as mentioned in your contract, and you will be charged for replacing the vehicle in case of theft, or for replacing damaged parts in case of accident.

How do I keep my vehicle in good shape?

Check out our Maintainance tips here!

What is KIM?

KIM (Kinisi In-Kind Mobility) was created to provide hassle-free e-cycle stewardship to Auroville residents. It is a novel membership-based concept in shared, sustainable mobility.

Booking Enquiries

Email: [email protected]
Phone: Mobile: +91 830 046-0679
Directions: google maps

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Office Hours:
Monday to Saturday
9:00AM to 12:30PM - 2:00PM to 4:30PM
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