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Electric scooters are twice as efficient as conventional scooters. These calculations prove that electric scooters are twice as efficient as conventional scooters, even when taking into account the production of electricity for charging the batteries. To travel one kilometer, an electric  scooter spends 122 Wh, and a conventional scooter spends  286 Wh of electricity. Petrol scooter: Petrol has a calorific value...
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At Kinisi, we are very grateful to see our e-cycles everywhere we go, and we feel encouraged to help guests and residents free themselves from petrol dependency. We are constantly trying to increase our fleet of rental e-vehicles so that more guests will choose sustainable mobility instead of polluting mopeds during their stay. Our main...
Category E-cycles
New research has found that cyclists between the ages of 50 to 83 experienced cognitive and mental health benefits from riding a cycle, whether it was electrically assisted or pedal powered. Cycle Boom tried to understand cycling among the older population and how this affected independence, health and wellbeing, with the purpose of designing an...
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To date, we dedicated 18 e-cycles and we received a private donation for another 17 e-cycles for KIM, for a total of 35 e-cycles. Kavita, member of KIM and YouthLinkThe KIM scheme is very successful and there is a waiting list. How does KIM work? Aurovilians can become members of KIM by contributing a reasonable...
E-cycle prices are going down, petrol price is going up A good quality, high performance pedal assist/full throttle e-cycle costs 45,000 rs. Compared to a baseline petrol scooter, it may seem high, but the petrol money you save will buy a new battery in 1 year!  In 3 years, you will save enough to buy...
In order to understand the ecological impacts of petrol vs. electric mobility, we analyzed the results of several studies that reveal a complex mix of ecological impacts on human health, environment, and natural resources. They consider many factors, such as global warming potential, toxic emissions, smog formation, land use, damage to water systems, demand for...
This is a cost comparison between a TVS XL worth Rs. 27,000 and an Electric Bicycle worth Rs. 45,000 over a period of 6 years. You will see how much money you can save by switching to electric transport, even though the electric bicycle costs more initially. TVS Moped We assume in this example  that...
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The Joy of Riding In 2007, in Switzerland, our employer offered us an e-cycle at a reduced price. The company was trying to reduce its carbon footprint by getting us to cycle to work rather than drive. I seized the opportunity! Suddenly, I was able to go down to Lake Geneva for swimming without being...

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